Social media loves predicting trends and in 2018 it’s been pretty easy to follow one of the biggest trends in digital marketing, the huge growth of video across all platforms.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was tremendously upbeat about video last year when he said ” I see the use of video not to be just a trend, but more like a megatrend.”

You can’t disagree with the Facebook founder; the use of video content has increased in the last year by 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook.

Facebook now accounts for an astonishing 8 billion views per day, and advertisers are the noticing the benefits video has in reaching target audiences.

What’s also interesting is the power video has to convert views into sales. According to software giant Adobe, shoppers watching a video are 1.81 Times more likely to make a purchase than non video viewers.

Paul Adams of Picture Desk Films the former Newsquest photographer, who runs the successful Lancashire based video shorts business says that there are pitfalls, and people shouldn’t think that video is easy.

“ With so much content out there –it’s a very crowded space. Badly produced videos can make your organisation look amateur and that message can travel fast and a long way.”

“Creativity has always been the key and it still is today. Publishing a video of cute kittens might get an immediate spike in interest, for a short period, but it certainly will not sell services and products.  The product must always be the star, and that is where production quality is crucial.”

“All our clients want a high quality production because they know it will set them apart from most of the junk on the Internet. 

Telling an interesting story, being compelling and holding the viewers attention are crucial elements to any video. Nowadays video makers get less time before the viewer clicks off, so it has be right.

Its estimated that viewers now make a decision to stay or go, in the first 5 seconds of a video, which means your storyboard better be right.

Picture Desk Films has produced a list of tips to succeed in video marketing.

“ We spend maybe 7-8 hours planning a shoot that will actually provide a 2 minute short. We have found that one of the really successful tips, that works is to film enough coverage for 4/5 shorts and then edit just one. The rest of the raw material can be edited into further shorts that will provide enough material for the next 3 months.” Explained Paul.

“ Another key tip is consumers really do judge businesses on the quality of their marketing materials –so the more time spent preparing the video the better”

To download a copy of Paul Adams top tips to a successful video click here

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