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Video is the best way to grab your consumers’ attention and get your message across to them in the shortest time. It’s fabulously immersive and engaging, and will deliver increased sales for your products and services.

Why us?

Picture desk Films delivers to budget with all the creativity and expertise you would expect from experienced media professionals.

We produce quality films that achieve all the clients’ commercial milestones, as well as having a news worthy edge that grabs attention and creates a lot of interest and attention.

We get the basics right for you, the concept, the script, any Interviews, lighting, sound and editing.

We pride ourselves on our speed of delivery and when commercial pressures demand success, we can deliver. We will become an invaluable part of your marketing and sales operation.

You will work directly with the principals of the business. The most experienced personnel will be working on your project. Speed is crucial and having a team that delivers quickly and to budget is important.

Too many production companies miss the fundamentals and are easily distracted. They forget the objective is commercial return and customer conversion. We have a track record of adding value.


We can help you with your content strategy, looking at how to reach your target audience with the right sales message. Video is getting bigger each year and every business needs a video content strategy, to take advantage of the fastest growing media on the Internet. This year experts believe 75% of all online traffic will be video based; Facebook described video content as the future mega trend for the next decade.

Video marketing 

Video Content strategy

Short promotional videos

Training videos

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To generate sales you need great products and services, but to gain confidence and interest you need them presented in the most professional and creative way.

We will research and craft a film for you that will be highly impactful and will be the largest potential factor for you to generate substantial sales. We will produce extra footage, that will be incorporated in additional videos that we will be able to edit in to your social media snippets or additional content for your website.


Story boarding

Captions and animations