Design your video marketing strategy to work with both your social media and your website. 

“ There is a huge interest in video, but it’s not just about social media,” says Paul Adams of Lancashire based video short maker Picture desk films.

“We would always recommend 10 second shorts for social media and 1.30-2 minutes for your website” he explains 

Paul says the two platforms should be treated differently. “Facebook in particular is a short burst. Facebook viewers want entertainment and hate being overtly sold to. They are part of a generation that has to give their permission to be marketed to”

According to his partner Gary Cartmell the best way to understand permission marketing is to think of everything as a bundle, rather than a one off.

“ The old days of producing one press release or one video are gone –You have to create a bundle of 2/3 assets and release them over 7-14 days, if you feel you can achieve more – repackage the assets and re-release them it is that easy”-he added.

The crucial element is to have a strong video content structure on your website that allows the visitor, who will have come via your social media to feel by clicking through the assets they have reached a decisive point in the sales process. That’s when you need to crystallise your call to action.

“ You simply can’t embed a call to action in 15 seconds of video on social media, it’s a way marker to a sale” – he added.

Research is underlining this point – Social media video requires a very different approach. Short videos of no more than 15 seconds in the main, aimed at entertainment with an engaging title, that relies on brand engagement in the first 3/ 4 seconds to place the video in context.

It’s less about story telling and more about retaining the viewer’s attention. This is underlined when you realise 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off and surveys have shown Facebook viewers to find auto play on sound to be a big turn off.

This sound off phenomenon primarily occurs because of the choice of device, and where the videos are watched i.e. at work, in a crowded place.  Facebook users are 5 times more likely to watch their video shorts on a phone.

Surveys also back up the fact that Facebook is continuing to grow with 2 billion active users on Facebook and 1 billion daily users 

Each year social media observers predict that the Facebook bubble will burst and figures will begin to recede, but each year Facebook outperforms the doom mongers

Last year Facebook achieved a staggering 8 billion daily video views. Putting Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in its shadow.

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